Goodbye Orkut, Never Signed Up for You Anyway

Google is shutting down Orkut — a social network that’s popular in Brazil, but never gained traction in the U.S.  Though already widely reported, Google sent notices to users this past weekend. 

I read the email, found instructions to permanently delete my Orkut account, which Google created automatically on my behalf. It ostensibley created Orkut accounts for all sorts of people as Marketing Land reported in late 2013

Google is automatically creating new Orkut accounts for anyone that visits while already logged in to a Google account. (Try it yourself if you don’t mind having an Orkut account setup for you.) If you also have a Google+ account, Google will take the data from it (your name and avatar) to auto-populate your new Orkut account.

I’d really like to understand the evolution of discussions at Google — how does a  company go from automatically creating accounts for uninterested users, to killing the program all together?