1. Facebook Earns Poor Grades from B2B Marketers

    It’s easy to beat up on Facebook, but this study by CMI and MarketingProfs really jumped off the page.  Of all the social networks B2B Marketers use, Facebook ranks 5th. THE largest social network in the world ranks fifth! That’s a problem for Facebook. 

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  2. Those Don’t Look Like Stumbling Bunnies!

    StumbleUpon’s break down lane message doesn’t seem to match the imagery.  I’m pretty sure those are cats. 


  3. The Lunacy of Facebook’s Messenger Response

    Facebook is making the rounds again for it’s Messenger App — and the terms of service. The company is attempting to set the record straight. Supposedly. 

    Like many mobile users, I received the a push notification in my mobile stream tonight and two thoughts crossed my mind:

    1. It’s not a “fact” until your lawyers say it is.  If it’s really true that you’re not going to turn on a phone’s microphone, then put that in writing - in the terms of service. If you’re so certain, then put it in the contract. If you’re lawyers won’t do that — then it’s not a fact. 

    2. What the heck took you so long? There’s a PR pro employed by Facebook that’s got a lump on his or her head from banging it into a wall. Sam Fiorella wrote his post — The Insidiousness of Facebook Messenger’s Android Mobile App Permissions — in December 2013!  It has 30,000 shares and it took Facebook eight months to respond?! There’s a stubborn and tone deaf executive at Facebook that’s held up a response for months. The usage numbers must be in the drink for Facebook to come out now. 

    It’s sorry excuse for a response. And I think Facebook is in real trouble. Any time a company makes it so easy for the herd to pile on, there’s an enormous underlying problem. 

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  4. Dear SHIFT, Here’s How your Ad Looks on Facebook

    It looks like SHIFT is hitting it’s target market with it’s Facebook ads.  As a rule, I don’t “like” much stuff on Facebook and for many good reasons — here’s one.  As a result, I don’t typically see a lot of ads from familiar brands, so its interesting to see how this one popped along one of my personal posts. 

    The one pieces that’s confusing is the link highlighted in the screenshot actually takes a viewer to a page on CommPro, rather than shift, so its not clear to me if SHIFT or the publication did the advertising buy. 

    As for the webinar the ad is pitching,  by my observation Chris is a data-driven guy, so it’ll be interesting to see what he has to say about creativity. It’s a great topic and I’ve got a thought to two on it: Art or Science: Creative Marketing and PR


  5. Mere Appearances of PR


    Optics. Perception.  Appearance. 

    PR isn’t about what you look like.  It’s what you are.  People like to do business with businesses they like and they like those businesses because they are real. 

    If PR is doing something just for the optics, there’s probably a bigger issue underlying the business. 

    Where am I going wrong?

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  6. Goodbye Orkut, Never Signed Up for You Anyway

    Google is shutting down Orkut — a social network that’s popular in Brazil, but never gained traction in the U.S.  Though already widely reported, Google sent notices to users this past weekend. 

    I read the email, found instructions to permanently delete my Orkut account, which Google created automatically on my behalf. It ostensibley created Orkut accounts for all sorts of people as Marketing Land reported in late 2013

    Google is automatically creating new Orkut accounts for anyone that visits Orkut.com while already logged in to a Google account. (Try it yourself if you don’t mind having an Orkut account setup for you.) If you also have a Google+ account, Google will take the data from it (your name and avatar) to auto-populate your new Orkut account.

    I’d really like to understand the evolution of discussions at Google — how does a  company go from automatically creating accounts for uninterested users, to killing the program all together? 

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  7. Tumblr Thinks It’s Funny…

    …it is a little bit. 


  8. Don’t forget to say “thank you”

    Apple’s support team sent me a “how’d we do?” survey tonight.  I completed it and the image you see nearby what Apple presented upon completion.  It’s a good reminder to remember to say “thank you” to customers for feedback.


  9. Earned media or native ad?

    This image was posted to the official Patriot’s Facebook page.  What do you think earned media or native ad?

  10. 5 predictions about Influence Marketing